bits + pieces by meg

happy monday y'all! there is most definitely a chill in the air that meant hauling out the winter jackets, hats and mitts. j and i celebrated our 7 year anniversary this weekend with a perfect little date in the city. from the day we met, one of our favourite things to do together was shop. i married a rather stylish dude who doesn't sulk at the thoughts of spending a day in and out of stores with me. i credit it to his life growing up with two sisters. after shopping we had a great dinner which always means chats that allow us to think and talk in a cohesive manner vs the child induced broken conversations. sunday we decorated for halloween and ran errands. i baked cookies and did some tidying. there is no shortage of work in my evenings and my weekdays are very limited in terms of my time with the girls so it was nice to quite simply have fun! 

lippy love by meg

i am the girl who has an obscene amount of lip- sticks- gloss- slip name it, i have it. i am completely envious of flawless complexion and am the biggest advocate of healthy glowing skin which includes the best facials and products along with good quality make up. although not a big make up wearer myself ( i prefer the dewy fresh look ) i will never deny a bold lip. in fact i think it compliments a bare faced look very well. i almost never wear make up based on my outfit but rather based on my mood. thats where this little round up of my favourites is my best recommendation for any girl looking to have a little sugar and spice for any occasion. i am wearing Nars Funny Face in the photo above. All of these can be found at Sephora. 

when bold is beautiful by meg

hands down i design the majority of my spaces in white and i clearly love the crisp pallet but every so often i stumble upon a beautiful home that is bold and unique. when i first glanced at this home, it was that striking black wall and those stunning purple chairs that caught my attention. from here, i wanted to dig in more to see the sleek, midcentury style. there is a moodiness in the space that i am drawn to. i imagine a little Mad Men, low ball cocktail and spicy candle burning. the art and those tall windows bring light and character in to the space. its all a little mysterious and magical.

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a sweet escape by meg

oh geeze, you guys! i wish i had this stellar reason for why my blogging has been spotty but i don't- its just life. i will say though that in the midst of the chaos it hit me pretty hard that i am a little over due for an escape from the every day. i love routine to maintain a less frantic household but get bored pretty easily. i like to change things up and often. this crazy beautiful hotel in italy has my name written all over it. the all white interiors with soft linens and oh so organic feel has me longing for a good americano and a spa robe while i indulge in this tranquil space. 

the power of passion by meg

i sat back on sunday morning watching the kids play with their toys, i tinkered around online and sipped away at coffee. seeing how the girls interact with each other is the sweetest thing. it also made me recognize for the umpteenth time that life goes by bonkers fast. i pondered the progress of my design life. the variations in my writing, the different blogs that have come and gone and the evolution in my own design taste. it was a good reflection. for the moments when i become frustrated at the momentum ( or lack of ) i may seem to have in the areas i love the most, i am reminded that my passion can only be rewarded by my ability to fuel it. beyond my family, this little nugget on the internet has been my space that i have loved the most. no matter how hard i have even tried to walk away from it when life seemed too busy, it always comes back. thank you all who visit here regularly and share in my same undying passion for design and the creative world.