bare feet + off the shoulder tees by meg

its no surprise, most people like to get comfy during the cooler months. sweater, scarves and sweet hats make their debut while people take crisp walks and warm up by the fire. my astrological sign is that of a Cancer. i'm a water baby born in the summer months which means my infinite love for a beachy, relaxed lifestyle is pretty evident. I do love to get dressed up and appreciate my time in the office which never lends itself too corporate but certainly a step up from some of my weekend wear.

although spontaneity is always fun, I am a true creature of habit. I love the comfort of home and my clothing dictates a true relaxed feel to it. almost every single evening I step foot through the door, I slither out of my work clothes and in to the comfort of sweats, tights and over sized t-shirts. my jewelry comes off, I rarely wear socks and prefer a fitted cami over a bra. a bit of a hippie at heart, I am really smitten with the fall season and all its comfortable fashion glory. a favorite line of mine is sundry. if you are looking for clothing that looks cute while being oh so cozy, this- is your brand!

cozy for the kiddos by meg

Yesterday I talked a little about bringing comfort in to your home particularly as the seasons start to change. I am such a sucker for fall ( as if that wasn’t obvious already ) I love nothing more than to bake with the girls and every weekend I have a pot of nutmeg, orange zest and cinnamon burning away. It’s a bit nostalgic and a lot comforting.

I know the entire family feels the subtle changes in a great way and I try to bring bits of warmth to their world that make home a little more special for them.

I found these images of children’s rooms that screamed cozy and it made me think of the little details that I love to incorporate as the weather cools down. Everything from changing linens, adding plush pillows, throws and even area rugs. The girls rooms are special places for me. I love designing kids spaces and feel great knowing they snuggle up in a room they feel comfortable to create and rest in.

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the epitome of modern comfort by meg

if you are like me and have seen your taste evolve over time and transition from a more traditional feel to a simple, modern aesthetic then you have likely tried to find the perfect marriage for your current furnishings with your new. 

It was a bit of a struggle for me because I had invested in several pieces over the years that we had just simply grown out of. Before I made any big purchases, I forced myself to live with what I had so that I could get a true feel for what I wanted the end result of our home to be.

In doing so, I found myself purging more of the small things. I had accumulated several accessories over the years and it all felt like ‘stuff’ to me. I equally purchased almost nothing for the house in a year and a half. The result was a home that felt more streamlined, clean and still maintained a comfortable atmosphere. We by no means went as far as to strip back to a completely modern home but I think our balance right now works well.

It’s also what I loved about this space featured above. You can see the effort made to maintain an aesthetic that feels very simple but warm.

As we enter a new season, I am loving the layering of throws, and more texture to create that perfect marriage of modern meets comfort.

images via Domaine Home  

When type A works by meg


So I owe heaps of you a big fat thank you for reaching out and asking how our little world is these days. To all my friends who have offered to help or simply check in, you are magical human beings. It's been great to be back at work! Of course our incredible nanny has proven to be the best thing we could have ever asked for. She is the ray of sunshine in our girls smiles and is so on top of things. I would say she most definitely keeps things in check better than I did. 

Its been a tiring couple weeks in all the right ways. My brain is booming with new information and I have been eager to jump in on all the great projects happening at work. The logistics are working well for us and my mama heart is very full.  

i am a girl who loves structure, organization and complete control. My type A style lends fairly well to managing life these days and I can happily say I live by calendars, note books and of course a significant amount of coffee. I love it and can't imagine it any other way.

vincent vanduysen by meg

it rained cats and dogs in the city last night and this morning we woke to a very grey day. i secretly love these mornings because it slows me down. i take a little time to catch up on blogs and get inspiration from some of the best designers and architects. Vincent Van Duysen builds modern, beautiful homes that are beaming with light and a moody richness. 

the rest of the day has us playing with girls and hosting friends this evening. my weekends are so precious with this little crew now that i have returned to work. 

enjoy the weekend everyone!