friday + decision making by meg

well hello Friday! my oh my do you ever look good with your sweet sunshine, warm temperatures and promises for a beautiful weekend ahead. we are being spoiled with the most spectacular fall weather and we most certainly deserve it.

I haven't talked about it much but we have been casually perusing homes lately. popping in and out of open houses, nothing serious just seeing what is out there. in doing so, we are finding in so many ways that purchasing a home built by someone else's taste is not lending itself in our favor. we or I should say I ( because I am far more picky about it) are looking for something very specific and I think its going to be really hard to find. I subconsciously knew that and its why I started building 'our dream home' board on pinterest ages ago. the confirmation seems to keep hitting us after every visit to an existing home. unless something exceptionally unique comes up, I think we need to change the course and focus on creating our own dream space from scratch!

meanwhile, we are just taking things in stride, focusing on the girls, Christmas in California and spending time with family while the weather still cooperates.

I took a couple pieces of inspiration from this home above. must haves in our own space will include that herringbone floor, carerra marble and big deep molding.

happy weekend everyone!

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bits about home by meg

things have been pretty steady eddy around here. we are in this routine and feel like we have it all down pat. i haven't done much around the house in the way of decor. still feeling as though we are in this holding pattern but I'm embracing it as best as possible. i started feeling myself slow down a lot when i was coming home from work. things around here seem to be well taken care of and it meant i could rest fairly easily after getting the kids in to bed. sounds lovely i know but its not a theme i am used to. instead i have turned things on its head a little and have committed myself to a 12 week training program. my sweet friend pam is going to kick my butt and take my fitness regime to the next level. 

i am also challenging myself in the creative space, developing my own little plan for modern camper for the new year. no drastic changes, just changes that i think will make my creative outlet even more inspiring and engaging for all you sweet people who continue to read my thoughts. 

a lovely surprise arrived this week from impressed app. i was so happy to see that they had hand selected several of my instagram photos and printed them for me on this lovely card stock. for all my love of instagram, i will say that my images seem to only live there. it was a nice touch for the home to see them brought to life. 


home tour with mrs.valentine by meg

sometimes the universe does this crazy beautiful thing and connects you with people through a virtual world that you would have never met. the connection was one thing but this little far away friendship has developed and today i am happily sharing the Vancouver home of the talented Dani Valentine. 

Dani's style is consistent in every aspect of her life from her fashion, her home, her images on Instagram. there is a common thread that lends itself to a mid century modern meets scandinavian bliss. monochrome is the name of the game for Dani. i love the photography and black and white contrast to the warm wood tones throughout their impeccable space. 

Dani is not only talented in the way of design but she is a mama to the most handsome little dude who has a simple room that screams fun.  lovers of the outdoors and a family that thrives in the beauty of Vancouver's picturesque mountains, this little trio is clearly adventure seekers. 

if you want to see more of Dani + Dave's home, be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her blog here. 

thanks for sharing a little piece of your modern haven Valentine crew!

bare feet + off the shoulder tees by meg

its no surprise, most people like to get comfy during the cooler months. sweater, scarves and sweet hats make their debut while people take crisp walks and warm up by the fire. my astrological sign is that of a Cancer. i'm a water baby born in the summer months which means my infinite love for a beachy, relaxed lifestyle is pretty evident. I do love to get dressed up and appreciate my time in the office which never lends itself too corporate but certainly a step up from some of my weekend wear.

although spontaneity is always fun, I am a true creature of habit. I love the comfort of home and my clothing dictates a true relaxed feel to it. almost every single evening I step foot through the door, I slither out of my work clothes and in to the comfort of sweats, tights and over sized t-shirts. my jewelry comes off, I rarely wear socks and prefer a fitted cami over a bra. a bit of a hippie at heart, I am really smitten with the fall season and all its comfortable fashion glory. a favorite line of mine is sundry. if you are looking for clothing that looks cute while being oh so cozy, this- is your brand!