when home feels oh so sweet by meg

You guys! Mucho bloggie hiatus. Apologies but our little familia packed up for a vacay this past week and I committed to all their sweet little hearts, that mama was going to shut down. 

Alas, we had a lovely sun filled holiday in mey-he-ko. So much goodness to divulge but that will come on Monday. I will be sure to share all of our favourite spots and reccos for the family or if its just you and a lucky someone, we stumbled on a couple of spots that would be amazing solo or as a twosome. 

In the meantime, can I tell you how great it actually feels to be home. I love travelling, don't get me wrong but there is no place like home. I was almost brought to tears when I saw all the hard work our nanny had done in the house while we were away. Every drawer, cabinet, fridge, you name it- it was organized. The entire house smelled to fresh lemon and the sheets crisp and luring to jump right in. I am so grateful for her- she should know how much I appreciate her so I tell her often and find extra special ways to let her know she is doing a good job.

I proceeded to pick up some fresh lilacs and diffused some essential oils to keep everyone a little calm since the kiddos were a bit crank today after the travel home and of course craving some routine. The rest of the weekend is busy running from events and activities. I just know Monday is going to arrive far sooner than I would like. 

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

blooming beauty by meg

Thursday! Finally, this week feels exceptionally slow for some reason and yet I feel like there a million things to accomplish. In between errands, I managed to snag some oh so beautiful peonies. This time of year is the best for these stunning blooms. I love everything about their delicate shape, their luxurious scent and romantic feel.

I also foraged a few blooms from the garden last weekend, some are dying like this tree branch but I kind of like its dilapidated state, it feels slightly mysterious and the perfect balance in our white home.

Enjoy your day everyone!



It shall come as no surprise we are big GAP fans in our little household. The girls and I in particular live in their clothing year round for its versatility, relaxed look and quality pieces. Even better, their kids lines are forever having me oohing and awing at how adorable their little bums look in denim or sweet flowing dresses. 

Aside from the undeinable darling little details in their wears, what would those little frocks be if it weren't for the cutest little munchkins on the block sporting them? Since I know you mamas believe your kiddos are the cutest, funniest, most kissable around, I have some really great news for you. GAP has officially launched their casting call for the next face of GAP Kids!! 

Now that I have your attention, here are all the details. Go to www.gapcastingcall.com to enter. Entries are open until June 7th and finalists will be announced on June 22nd. All official rules are posted on the website. 

Are you a Toronto mama or close enough to come to the city? GAP Bloor is hosting a two day casting call at their flagship store where you can have your little one(s) professionally photographed for your entry in to the contest. I am thrilled to be partnering with GAP Kids and will be there to meet all you sweet mamas and even more delighted to meet your babes. 

See below for details and pretty please come say hi while you are there!

Good luck!!