shades of grey in Paris by meg

While black and white is my favorite to work with when designing spaces, I am all sorts of passionate about grey lately. Natural linens, subtle wall colours and somewhat dramatic drapery are top of my list when it comes to incorporating this shade in your home. 

We are moving ahead with some renovations around the house and you can bet this colour will be making an entrance. Now, as if Paris wasn't beautiful enough, this apartment designed by Guillaume Alan and featured on Est is dramatic and rich in minimalist aesthetic. The mouldings and hardwood floor may just be my favorite in this space. 

tones of fall + beautiful apartment styling by meg

Are you a sucker for relaxed, simple bedrooms like I am? I am not a fan of fussy, matchy rooms. Slightly eclectic yet simple is my favourite. This space, so pretty with its natural tones, breezy windows and lose drapery are the perfect little escape for a mid afternoon nap. Ironically brown is not my favourite colour but the styling by Josefin is perfectly fall and brings some warm tones against the cool white room. 

i'm still here by meg

It is entirely possible that I am talking to a wall based on my lack of writing here these days. If I could express how much I wish this weren't the case, I would say it is not for lack of interest, it's just time. 

Since Le Collectif launched, my focus has been on bringing beautiful workshops to life and I am happy to say that this is happening. Modern Camper though is all me, it is my space to share everything I love, bits of life and inspiration. More importantly, it allows me to write. The thing that brought me to blogging in the first place was not pretty pictures, or design- that was just what I would write about. My passion is truly sitting down and typing words that hopefully are snippets of an escape for my readers and a little journey that we can share together. 

So what have we been up to lately? The girls have been on the go. Since school started it's been the usual weekend drill of birthday parties, activities interlaced between holidays and a little trip to New York for Jay and I. 

Our sweet babe has been challenging us with her feisty ways. Its been really hard to take deep breaths and not want to completely lose my mind with the defiant ways of a two year old but I know I have to dig deep and find a way to communicate with her that doesn't have the horrific repercussions for quite frankly, all of us.

We did squeeze in a quiet rainy saturday lately and I almost can't stop thinking about it. The four of us ventured out early to the bookstore, grabbed hot chocolate and snuggled up by a fire to read. The girls had a good day, nothing complicated, just simple, quiet time. While the baby napped, I whisked myself away to a local coffee shop for apple cider and perched myself up on a high top to watch the rain fall while I dove in to my new book. In that very moment, I was so vividly aware of how at peace I was. I was grateful. I enjoyed every moment watching strangers walk through the door, I eaves dropped on subtle conversations about acting, life in the city and plans for friends chatting about their future. Life deserves more of these days. 

I took an entire month and detoxed from refined sugar. Yep! 30 days with not one treat or ounce of sugar in my body. Natural sugars like fruit were completely fine and wine, of course wine! Everything else deemed the little white devil was omitted from my diet. I can't say that my energy level drastically changed but truth is, I have been running at mach speed that I am not sure much was going to make me feel anything but exhausted. I did notice a lighter feeling. If you want to lose weight, its beyond obvious that cutting out sugar will get you there quickly. I find now, I just don't miss it or crave it. A good decision for a generally healthier way of life- I highly recommend it.

I am going to share some photos from our New York workshop in another post but Im really happy with how well received both of our food styling workshops have been. It's been an incredible little start and I feel so fortunate to have met and worked with such talented, kind people. 

Those are the highlights for now, lets get this connecting back on track shall we? Have a lovely monday everyone!

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That chill is on its way by meg

To all of our dismay those chilly temps have already started to creep up on us and it only gets worse from here. sigh, I know. Although I have adorned a lovely black wool jacket for the last couple of seasons, it's time I stow it away in replace of something a little more mod for the next several months. After all, an investment in to a winter jacket for anyone on the east coast is worth its weight in gold. 

Doing my usual GOOP perusing, I started lusting over their fall coat guide and decided to share my favorites with you. I am pretty confident the first image is leading the way in to my closet from A.L.C but there are some other goodies here.

Have a little looksie ladies. 1  2  3  4  5

sun drenched, simple design by meg

I genuinely sat and stared at this photo for an exceptionally long period of time. I was so lost in the simplistic beauty, dissecting every last detail from the beach wood floors, the textured wool rug and perfect clean lines in the furnishings. The most obvious of beauty coming from those sun drenched windows that bounce bright streaks of light. The styling is on point with a minimal pallet and only the essentials in modern accents. Couldn't have dreamt up a more beautiful room.

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