peace out by meg

Good Friday morning! Its a rainy, dull day in the city and all I can think about is warm tea, cozy socks and a good movie. The week was such a busy one full of special events, heart thumping goodness on the creative side of things and an overwhelming feeling of growth.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that taking the time to learn from others, get out of your daily routine and explore your surroundings will create some tantalizing things to come to fruition. My creative ruts often come from my lack of getting uncomfortable or confinement in exploration.

I am consistently impressed with the number of people in the creative space that I continue to meet who genuinely want to see you succeed. Often entrepreneurs themselves know how hard work and helping hands make the world of difference and they are more inclined to reach out to support. I feel so very fortunate to have a few of those people in my life and hope that I can do the same for others.

I am planning a few projects in the next couple of weeks that will also get me a little more entrenched in the kitchen which is great. My cooking and baking has been rather limited recently so this has me excited.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.
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a designers brooklyn beauty by meg

Leave it to designer Melissa Lee to create a space we all want to live in. The neutral black and white brownstone is so very on point. Mouldings, high ceilings and pretty windows just to name a few of the glorious additions to this home. Naturally, my infinite love for white flooring and great light fixtures come in to play but I must say that my eyes are being drawn to the beautiful den/office space. It is rich in the most beautiful shade of blue complimented well with hits of brass and honey tones. 

There is a mood about the space that can lend itself bright and fresh on a sunny day then rich and romantic when the rain falls. A simple home that brings the perfect element of luxury without feeling too austere. Something to desire.

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in honour of bastille day, french design by meg

Not that anyone needed an excuse to share the beauty that is french design but it did seem fitting being that today is Bastille Day that we take a little time to enjoy the romantic culture. Everything pale blue, turquoise and lavender these days has my heart a thump. The run away temptation is real and ever so enticing. Do you think I can convince my husband??

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i have grown a level of detest for gardening by meg

There was a time when gardening was one of my favourite things to do. I mean spend heaps of money on beautiful plants, ground cover, pots, you name it and then suddenly over the years I have genuinely come to loathe it. I blame it on the big bad ass tree that we have in our yard that essentially over takes the entire space. It drops nothing but leaves, some prickly balls, weird flowers and lord knows what else. It creates this massive canopy of shade so the grass struggles to grow. The only thing it seems to be good for these days is a swing. Hostas and shaded plants seem to be the only thing that survive in our garden beds. With all the droppings from the tree, I cant keep that pristine look in the ground covering. Fast forward and I have given up on the whole entire space. So much so that I am ready to tear it apart or move- which I know comes as no surprise because I keep talking about this (forgive me) 

For now, until I can muster up a decision. I am looking at all other beautiful landscapes and hoping one day I can call it my own. This is no easy task and requires a lot of effort to maintain. You are good for it!



Modern in Palm Beach by meg

Everything about this Palm Beach home confirms my love for modern aesthetic and makes me that much closer to building a simple, well designed home. Too many fabulous things about this space that it makes it challenging for me to state what my favourite part about the design is but I do love the bungalow, all one level style. I actually think its particularly brilliant when you have kids. No stairs to climb, no baby gates- it feels safer and super spacious. The landscaping and views are obviously stunning but I am particularly fond of the master bedroom, Next to nothing in sight but a beautiful bed adorned in my favourite belgian linens and of course black and whites of their sweet little guy. 

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